What is Comprehensive Dentistry?

Comprehensive dentistry is different from what you may have come to expect from traditional dentistry.

img_ComprehensiveDentistry2The meaning of oral health has evolved from a narrow focus on treating tooth decay to an understanding that dental health is related to total health and well-being. As doctors of dental medicine, we are a wellness-centered practice that emphasizes the prevention of dental disease and the creation and maintenance of a healthy mouth and beautiful smile as part of a program of overall health.

In contrast to episodic one-tooth dentistry, comprehensive care recognizes the interrelationship of the teeth, gums, supporting bone and jaw muscles – the TMJ. All these structures must function together well to allow us to chew, speak, and smile for a lifetime.

To accomplish this, our examinations and treatments are different.

We offer the latest concepts in preventive care for adults and children. The teeth and gums are analyzed with the knowledge that decay and periodontal disease are caused by bacteria, and as a result, can be medically managed and prevented like any other disease. The surrounding soft tissues are checked for signs of oral cancer and other systemic diseases. The condition of the jaw joints (TMJ) and the way the teeth come together (the occlusion) are monitored. We recognize that as people get older, the teeth wear, and that an accurate bite is important to prevent tooth fractures, as well as joint pain.

Once conditions are diagnosed, we offer conservative treatments and procedures that make use of the latest technology. Our dental restorations are constructed with minimally invasive techniques that preserve as much natural tooth as possible. Non-surgical gum treatments are designed to preserve healthy gums and bone. If teeth have been badly broken down or lost, we can offer complex full mouth reconstruction and/or dental implants to restore both form and function.

We understand the importance of an attractive smile in today’s society. All of our treatments are performed with the consideration that your smile should be attractive and look natural. We pay attention to the details so that others love your smile, but they never guess that you’ve had a little help.