Digital Implant Dentistry: The New Standard of Care

  • 3D Cone Beam Imaging
  • Interactive Planning Software
  • Case Sequencing Emphasizing Aesthetics & Function

Available as a full day or 2 hour synopsis

The world is going digital.

Computer assisted design and manufacturing (CADCAM) is changing dentistry the way it is changing every other industry. Implant dentistry is the most recent beneficiary of this advanced technology.

This lecture will demonstrate how 3D cone beam imaging has altered the way we treatment plan simple and complex implant cases, perform the surgery, and restore the osseointegrated fixtures.

New technologies alone, however, are not the answer. Consider that patients come to us for improved cosmetics or to replace failing or missing teeth, not for implants. Basic principles of aesthetics and function must apply to every restoration. Implants need to be inserted to support where the teeth have to go, regardless of the available bone. Implant dentistry is, and has always been, a prosthetic discipline with a surgical component. In recognition of these concepts, guidelines are proposed to coordinate the new roles and responsibilities of restorative doctors, implant surgeons, and dental technicians. This program will discuss these new implant protocols and highlight the benefits of using 3D images, interactive planning software, and guided surgery to create predictable implant restorations.

The standard of care is no longer limited to our local communities. The internet has brought the latest advances, instantly, into each of our offices. Our patients expect and demand nothing less.

Program highlights:

  1. Why 3D imaging is an indispensable tool for every dental office
  2. How 3D cone beam scanners work, and how they differ from medical CT machines
  3. Digital Implant Dentistry:
    • Determine tooth position
    • Select implant location
    • Choose the restoration to satisfy both
  4. Case Sequencing: the surgeon, the restorative doctor, and the laboratory technician
    • Establish tooth position based on aesthetics and function
    • Radiographic guides
    • Interactive software to interpret 3D images
    • Pre-surgical planning conference
    • Surgical guides
    • Implant provisionals
    • Final restorations
  5. Restorations
    • Screw-retained
    • Cement-retained
    • Attachments for removable prostheses
    • Replacing pink and white tissue