Jaw Joint Treatment

TMJ-skullThe jaw joint is located just in front of each ear. It is a complex joint controlled by many muscles. Pain in the jaw joints can result from grinding, clenching, and/or an incorrect bite position. The jaw muscles can become overworked, fatigued, and go into spasm. Pain may be experienced in and around the joints themselves. Pain may also come in the form of earaches and headaches, as well as back, neck, and shoulder spasms. The pain is often persistent, and can become so severe that at times it may be debilitating.

TMJ-panoWe provide a comprehensive jaw joint evaluation. Sometimes an appliance is indicated to wear over the teeth that will allow the muscles to rest and reduce the symptoms. Various medications can also be prescribed to help reduce the pain. In other cases, an incorrect bite will require dental restorations. The establishment and maintenance of a comfortable, proper jaw position is the foundation of all of our treatment.

TMJ-facebowComprehensive dentistry recognizes the interrelationship of the teeth, gums, and supporting bone and jaw muscles – the TMJ. All these structures must function together well to allow us to chew, speak, and smile for a lifetime!

If you are experiencing TMJ symptoms, don’t ignore them. You don’t have to try to cope with them on your own. We can provide both immediate relief and long-term treatment to resolve TMJ problems.