Our Philosophy

img_TriadWhat’s really important in restorative dentistry?

Is restorative success based on technology, adhesion, materials, marketing…?

Despite recent advances in all of these areas, the answer is that the doctor needs to know where he or she wants to go – and how to get there – and so does the laboratory!

img_PatientsReallyWantPatients come to us with two simple requests: they want to look good and feel good. What they really mean is that they want to be able to smile, speak, and chew. A beautiful smile relates to the position of the maxillary anterior teeth, which must be the first consideration in planning any restoration. Speaking and chewing comfortably revolves around jaw movement (TMJ) and how the teeth meet (the occlusion).

Determining tooth position, based on established principles of aesthetics and function, is the foundation for every successful restoration.

Dr. Margolies has developed a protocol for everyday, predictable restorative dentistry, based on theories developed by Dr. Peter Dawson. Dr. Margolies presents a step-by-step blueprint for treatment planning and case sequencing that can be applied to every case, whether it involves veneers, crowns, a complex rehabilitation, or dental implants. Programs are presented in a clear, organized way with the expectation that you will return to your office and immediately use what you have learned.


As a wet-fingered dentist who has participated in countless hours of continuing education, Dr. Margolies knows what you want to hear. Unlike many “podium dentists” who try to impress you with what they can do, Dr. Margolies will show you what YOU can do.