Designing Your Smile

There’s more to a beautiful smile than meets the eye!

In our office, smile design is a process that blends science and art to create a beautiful smile that is uniquely yours. It is a collaborative effort involving the patient, the doctor and the laboratory technician.

See how we do a case – step by step


Cosmetic Dentistry


Complex Rehabilitation


Implant Dentistry

DrJasonKimAndPatient1What sets us apart from other offices that “make veneers” or “do implants” is that we combine cosmetic dentistry with facial aesthetics, incorporating a thorough understanding of how the teeth work to create smiles that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable – and will stand the test of time.

Teeth provide support for the lips and cheeks when we smile, and then, as the jaw moves, the teeth allow us to speak and chew. The knowledge that tooth form must follow tooth function influences and guides every smile we create, whether your restoration involves porcelain veneers, all ceramic crowns, complex restorative dentistry and rehabilitation, or dental implants.

Dr. Margolies will guide you through each step in the process, supported by his ceramist. Together, we will design your smile to ensure that it is everything you have always wanted.

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