Prior to meeting with Dr. Margolies, I felt disappointed with the appearance of my front teeth. Additionally, I was having trouble biting into foods and often chewed only on one side to compensate. Dr. Margolies closely examined my situation using various modern technologies and molds that were both accurate and impressive. Once he fully understood the problems and assessed multiple courses of treatment, he walked me through the options, paying particular care to what meant most to me in terms of look, feel, and affordability. I could tell that after his years of experience in aesthetic dentistry, he knew what he was doing and he cares for his patients. Now I have a smile I never through I would (or could) have!

– Dan G.

Basically, when it comes to my smile, it’s the “before” and the “after”. Before, I was embarrassed to smile, and only did so with my lips closed. After your work was completed, I can fully smile with pride and comfort all the time. It feels great!!

– Anonymous

The professional yet friendly demeanor and atmosphere of all in the office makes the dental experience pleasant. From the routine dental check-ups to major work, I have been more than satisfied.

– Jane D.

Dr. Margolies has given back to me my confidence that was lacking for so long due to dental problems. His meticulous work and wonderful work ethics shine through every time I smile. His whole staff at his office made the “visit to the dentist” a pleasant experience. Thanks Dr. Margolies for my beautiful smile.

– R. C.

It is hard to know how to thank you in a large enough way for the beautiful smile you’ve provided me with, especially at this stage of my life. Your personal efforts and your wonderful staff are so amazingly professional AND caring. Old friends and new friends (AND family) have noticed “something” … my beautiful teeth, and told me so!

– J. S.