Single Tooth Implant Restorations

Single tooth implant NYC appointments available.

Single Tooth Implant Restorations have replaced the traditional 3-unit bridge as the treatment of choice for single missing teeth.

With a 3-unit bridge, 2 healthy teeth on either side of the space have to be reduced in preparation for a set of 3 connected crowns to be placed over them, with the middle crown filling the missing tooth’s space. With a single implant, the adjacent teeth are not damaged.

Single tooth implants are now the preferred choice of treatment. We offer a variety of dental implant services, so make an appointment to learn what the best option is for you.

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Single Tooth Implant Restoration vs 3-Unit Bridge

SingleToothImplant 3UnitBridge
No alteration of healthy teeth Reduction of healthy teeth adjacent to space
Easy to clean and floss just like natural teeth Require special tools for hygiene maintenance
No chance of future decay Risk of future decay
Looks and feels like a natural tooth, as it emerges from the gum tissue Less natural appearance, as it sits on top of the gum line
Initial cost slightly higher, long-term cost likely lower Initial cost slightly lower, long-term cost likely higher